It all started with a doubt. You became my addiction. Hard to control. Hard to stop. You hurt me a lot. But still I hold on. I don’t know why. I’m addicted to you. You are my deadly addiction. Advertisements

Random thoughts

So I was just out to a near by shop to get some vegetables for my mom. Yes I’m her boy who goes to get dhaniya for her.😂 On my way back, I was carrying that 4kg bag. It was funny that I wasn’t able to carry, though often I manage to carry heavy things. … More Random thoughts

I’m hurt

I know, in one of my past posts, I’ve spoken about getting hurt. Hard to control getting hurt, but still… I’ve been fooled few days back by a fake recruiter offering me a good job with a good pay. Though I didn’t trust it much, I was made to believe all that until I received … More I’m hurt

Miss you

I miss your non-stop starting, I miss your funny and naughty messages, I miss those moments where we used to crave to talk, I miss our fights we had, I miss that time when you said you want me to be yours. I miss that time when you constantly pestered me to go on a … More Miss you


We all have friends. Some remain acquaintance and some become the best part of your life. So don’t ask a person to stay in your life. You be honest. You do your part. If they are dishonest, cheating, leave them and never disturb them again. They are not worth of your time.  


There are many games to play. There are many toys to play with. But still some people choose to play with another person’s feelings. Whoever, wherever you are, be true. It defines you.