Every day happenings!

Today is Raksha Bandhan. The day entirely dedicated to brothers and sisters. Now I won’t say about why is it celebrated. I don’t have any siblings 😭. Many of my friends complain that their brother/sister always fight with them, complain about each other to parents and quarrel on tiny issues. For girls like me this […]

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Cursed and Blessed by the Queen!

Hello everyone! My last post was about Adi-Kadi Vav. Now this post is about the ruler of that place- Junagadh. The king RaKhengar of Junagadh got married to Ranakdevi. Another king Siddhraj Jaysinh was to marry her. Circumstances changed and she got married to RaKhengar of Junagadh. This triggered a war between the two kings. […]

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Suddenly the clouds cover the sun. There is a cold shadow over the region. Tiny tiny droplets begin to fall from the clouds. The smell of the sand, the sound of those droplets falling on the leaves these are just enough to lift up your mood! In abfew minutes even the tree that was out […]

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An Epitome of Sacrifice

I visited Junagadh Upercot in Gujarat in May. This Upercot was home to the king of Gujarat – Ra Khengar and queen Ranakdevi. In those days it was a 3 storey palace which is now unfortunately in ruins. Inside the fort are few places like the Adi-kadi vav, the place where the king Ra Khengar […]

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Once there were two little girls named Mira and Bhawna in two different states in India. Both were unknown to each other. As they grew up and every little steps they took, they was encouraged to walk more. Every tiny word they spoke, had no meaning but still they were encouraged to speak more. As […]

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Goddess is a form of infinite power, positivity, source of the universe, all the good and everything around us. She comes riding on a lion as a blessing to her beloved devotees. She is highly respected and followed by her devotees in various places around the world by celebrating various festivals like Navratri, Jagrata, etc. […]

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