Dear Shivji

You hold my hand, For I feel alone, every time I reach you, For I feel I have nobody to share my feelings with, every time I reach you, For I feel I am not unhappy, every time I reach you, For I feel I have no body to talk to, every time I reach … More Dear Shivji

A sudden change

It was a sunny day though. The sunlight falling right on my bed in the noon when I’m trying to sleep. It was my night shift and this was the time when i fell utmost sleepy. I ignored and tried to sleep. All of a sudden, there is cool breeze flowing in and I smelt … More A sudden change


Hey Guys!!!! Was away for a log time. How have you guys been? Missed you all so much!!!! Was so much busy and messed up and tired with the office work, that I could not spend time for posting here. Today is my blog anniversary!! I had no idea about it. I simply logged in … More Anniversary

A New Life

Hey guys! I was away for a long time. The reason is this: A new life has begun after a long wait of 2 years. I am into the corporate world. I’ve got my first jooooob in a reputed MNC! New people, new day, new life, new feelings, everything is new. People say the corporate … More A New Life


So I had just got out of my bed at 9am. I just walked out half sleepy out of the hall near a big long window from where the compound wall is visible. I saw 2 cats one black and white and the other in grey. Blacky was asleep while Grey was staring at her. … More Meow


Bura jo dekhan main chala, bura na milya koi. Jo dil khoja aapna, mujsa bura na koi. This used to be my favorite doha doha right from the day I learnt it. Today after so many years, i have really understood the meaning and have felt it. I’ve just sometime back been a bad person, … More Doha

A help

“Hey mom! You look tired today. See your friend is here. Spend some time with her and I’ll prepare Dosas today. I’ll manage.” “Okay, but I haven’t prepared the chutney.” “No problem. I’ll do it 😁😁” I started cutting onions and made it pulpy using the mixer. Next was tomato that had to be made … More A help

My wrong decision

So it was 9th of January 2017, a bright wonderful morning. I was with my cousins that entire month and so right from the time we wake up, to the time we sleep it was filled with complete fun, hanging out or simply keep wandering as it was holiday time for almost all my cousins … More My wrong decision


She’s gone.. We laughed and had lots of fun together.. She had a wish to travel on plane.. She had no daughters, she thought I was one.. I’m sorry for annoying you many times.. I’m sorry I couldn’t fulfill your wish to travel in a plane.. I feel worthless.. You wanted me to get married, … More Gone