A Person

I met someone.. I became his friend.. I liked him.. I trusted him.. I shared my thoughts with him.. I thought of him all the time.. I spent all my time for him.. I waited for him to talk to me.. I blushed on seeing his message.. I turned tomato red when he sent naughty … More A Person


I think of you even when you had never existed. I think of you every time I felt alone. I think of you when I need someone to talk to. I think of you every moment. I think of you in every single situation. I think I would have been lucky to have you. I … More Him

The best feeling

Best feeling ever!! Guys tell me which is your best feeling? When you get pass in your exams? When you meet your crush? When you eat? When you are listening to music? Etc..etc.. Mine is when I’m on call and people keep asking me “Who do you talk with for such a long time?” “Looks … More The best feeling

A sudden change

It was a sunny day though. The sunlight falling right on my bed in the noon when I’m trying to sleep. It was my night shift and this was the time when i fell utmost sleepy. I ignored and tried to sleep. All of a sudden, there is cool breeze flowing in and I smelt … More A sudden change


Hey Guys!!!! Was away for a log time. How have you guys been? Missed you all so much!!!! Was so much busy and messed up and tired with the office work, that I could not spend time for posting here. Today is my blog anniversary!! I had no idea about it. I simply logged in … More Anniversary

A New Life

Hey guys! I was away for a long time. The reason is this: A new life has begun after a long wait of 2 years. I am into the corporate world. I’ve got my first jooooob in a reluted MNC! New people, new day, new life, new feelings, everything is new. People say the corporate … More A New Life