New year

New year is on the way! My inner voice: Please don’t be like the other years. Make me love you (year). You bring the best of wishes and happiness for me, my well-wishers and my haters. Help me kick out negativity. Help me build my career and help me become what I aimed to be. … More New year

An interview

I had an interview a few days back. Though this wasn’t my first interview, I was kinda nervous. Coz I was attending it through a recommendation 😑. I hate going through recommendation. Anyways I reached the place well before time and was made to wait for an hour. Then the HR called me. Everything went … More An interview


Everyone of us are surrounded by people, right? Most of them treat you as if they are doing a big favor talking to you. They always find ways to hurt you, either knowingly or unknowingly. They try hiding their real faces by acting good. They pressurize you for everything, some being strangers and being known … More People


You get what you gave. To get good, do good. You may not get it the next second. It may take time. Have patience. Somebody hurt you? Forget it. That’s their karma. After all at the end of the day what matters is what type of energy you gave to the person. Kill your anger. … More Karma

Short story

They met. They talked daily. He proposed. She accepted. He lied and cheated her all the time. She believed it. He played with her feelings. She came to know his real face. She left without saying anything. One person was enough to break her heart. She cried. She never trusted anyone ever again.