A question

Guys, do answer to this question seriously. Can anyone fall in love just with text messages, without meeting the person or seeing her/him or without even hearing their voice? Is it possible? Advertisements

Push ups

So guys, I was said that I should try something new daily. So I did.. What did I do? Push-ups. Wall push-ups. I was said do 5 today and then consistently keep increasing the number. And I thought that I could do more than 5, so I did upto 15. All at a time. It … More Push ups


He lied then, He lied now, He lied always, I was dumb enough to forgive him always. Today I learnt to not trust on trust. Thank you for the big lesson of my life.


It all started with a doubt. You became my addiction. Hard to control. Hard to stop. You hurt me a lot. But still I hold on. I don’t know why. I’m addicted to you. You are my deadly addiction.

Random thoughts

So I was just out to a near by shop to get some vegetables for my mom. Yes I’m her boy who goes to get dhaniya for her.😂 On my way back, I was carrying that 4kg bag. It was funny that I wasn’t able to carry, though often I manage to carry heavy things. … More Random thoughts

I’m hurt

I know, in one of my past posts, I’ve spoken about getting hurt. Hard to control getting hurt, but still… I’ve been fooled few days back by a fake recruiter offering me a good job with a good pay. Though I didn’t trust it much, I was made to believe all that until I received … More I’m hurt

Miss you

I miss your non-stop starting, I miss your funny and naughty messages, I miss those moments where we used to crave to talk, I miss our fights we had, I miss that time when you said you want me to be yours. I miss that time when you constantly pestered me to go on a … More Miss you