Screw up!

Well, I had an online test today. For which iwas very much ready and excited as well. So the mail had my login details and i logged in to the website. The questions? Just 2. Yeah you read it right. There were 2 questions. Aptitude test mein bhala sirf 2 question? Kahin coding to nahi? … More Screw up!


I was alone at home in the evening cooking dinner when there was a sudden power cut in our area. It was pitch dark inside the house. I couldn’t find my way to the hall to look for candles. I then remembered I was on phone with Inder before the power cut. I managed to … More Alone

I don’t know

I don’t know why you enter my thoughts.. I don’t know why i still miss you.. I don’t know why I still believe your lies.. I don’t know if you are really being genuine.. I don’t know how many times you hurt me.. I don’t know how many times you were rude to me.. I … More I don’t know


You are missing your ex and so you begin to stalk him on Facebook.  Everyone does this, so did I. I was so busy looking at his profile that I sent him a request.. Oh shitttt!  Sooooooon! Cancel it! Huuuhhh! I cancelled it. I logged out of my account. Btw, I had made a blunder … More Stalk

My wrong decision

So it was 9th of January 2017, a bright wonderful morning. I was with my cousins that entire month and so right from the time we wake up, to the time we sleep it was filled with complete fun, hanging out or simply keep wandering as it was holiday time for almost all my cousins … More My wrong decision


She’s gone.. We laughed and had lots of fun together.. She had a wish to travel on plane.. She had no daughters, she thought I was one.. I’m sorry for annoying you many times.. I’m sorry I couldn’t fulfill your wish to travel in a plane.. I feel worthless.. You wanted me to get married, … More Gone


She was never afraid of meeting people before.. Until she thought he was hers.. Her family said a big no to love marriage.. She broke her heart.. She hurt him again and again so that he leaves her.. They fought, he left.. Deep inside she didn’t want him to leave.. I don’t know what happened … More Caste