Random thoughts

So I was just out to a near by shop to get some vegetables for my mom. Yes I’m her boy who goes to get dhaniya for her.πŸ˜‚ On my way back, I was carrying that 4kg bag. It was funny that I wasn’t able to carry, though often I manage to carry heavy things.

My last post was about how bad I felt and how I felt I lost the battle. Well, because I posted it, and some of my fellow bloggers sent me amazing positive vibes, I really felt good. So I recalled movies like Border and LOC Kargil. Many people may dislike it by telling there is only blood, guns, firing and one person scolding the other or just yelling. Dude, it’s a war situation, so obviously people won’t party there.

Let me come to the point. In Border, Major Kuldip Singh fought till the end. Had he thought for a second, that my entire army is no more and I’m the only one left and I’m not going to survive, then obviously there were 100% chances of him to lose the battle. But he still chose to fought, he chose not to give up.

In LOC, there are many such examples. I’ll tell you my favorite one. Vikram Batra. Yes, he killed many of the other army soldiers. At one point of time, when one of our Indian soldiers ran out of ammunition, he went to help him. He saved his life and fought the opponents with the little ammunition he had. He finally finished all the enemies, while one of them just shot him and that took his life. Now, in though he is no more now, he has still won the battle, he’s a winner. Had he too in this situation had thought that he’s going to lose the battle, definitely there were no chances of him to win.

I said to myself, “So, for them, it was a do or die situation. Had they chosen to die, they would have not got this much honor and fame. They chose to do. They did. They shined and are alive in our hearts. When their, situation was that tough, this was just another exam, just another result. There are going to be 100s and 1000s of more exams and result. So after every exam and result you must fight back! If not this one, then another. There are many ways to what you want in life. Yes! Just do it! One day, you’ll have your dream car, your dream house. Maybe a little later than friends. But that day is coming for sure, when success will be all yours! You will shine! Maybe not for the entire world, but for the people you consider as your world. Keep calm! Try! Do it! Success is waiting!”


8 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. I would like to correct something if you don’t mind… Whatever grocery you buy is not for your mom, its for all of you over there in the house..

    Earlier I also used to say so. But now when my husband says something similar I correct him saying , its for us not for me 😬

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